Car Rental Complaint
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You rented a car from a Car Rental Company. The air conditioner has stopped working. You phoned the company a week ago but it still has not been repaired.


Write a letter to the company. In your letter

– introduce yourself

– explain the situation

– say what action you would like to company to take.

OET Writing

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Irfan Baig and I have recently rented a car from your city center outlet. The purpose of writing to you is to express my dissatisfaction over the quality of service I have received.

Firstly the car’s air conditioner stopped functioning completely a day after I was handed over the vehicle. As you know it is summer time and it can be quite hot during the day time therefore in order to get the air conditioner fixed, I straight away contacted your customer service. It has been a week since and no measures have been taken yet. I would’ve expected some body to have approached me in maximum two days. It has really been very hard for me to drive a car without an air conditioner. I must admit that this has not been a good experience at all for me.

As a result, I find myself quite dissatisfied with your customer service. I would therefore like to demand a full refund of the money I paid up front. The car is available to be picked up any time. I hope you will help me out of this situation very soon.


Your’s Sincerely,


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