disappointing holidays

You paid for a holiday overseas, but the holiday was very disappointing.

Write a letter to the travel company. In your letter

• explain which holiday you went on

• describe why the holiday was disappointing

• tell the company what you want them to do

IELTS writing correction


Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the poor service quality I encountered during my last holiday in Egypt. Being a regular customer of your travel company for about seven years until recently I have had no complaints. However, through some oversight my vacation turned into a real nuisance.

The hotel that was declared as five-star premises in fact does not meet high standards: a room without air conditioning and with a view of the roadway, irregular hot water supply, importunate service personnel (barely speaking English). Besides, a sightseeing bus tour, so kindly organized by your firm’s partner, ended with a minor car accident. And during the ride I had the sensation that our driver was absolutely ignorant of traffic rules. Fortunately, nobody suffered serious injuries.

Regarding the ways of remedying the given situation, I suppose there are at least two options:

your company will either make a partial refund within no more than two weeks (effective from this letter’s date) or guarantee me a discount on the next trip and comfortable living conditions. Certainly, I am open to dialogue and waiting for your offers in the hope of finding a speedy and workable solution.

Yours faithfully,

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