Damaged appliance in electronics store
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You bought a faulty electrical appliance in your local electronics store. Write a letter to the store manager.

In the letter include the following:

• Explain why you are writing

• Explain what is wrong with your appliance

• Suggest what you would like the store manager to do

It is not necessary to use any addresses.

OET Writing

Dear Sir/Madam
I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with a tape recorder that I purchased from your store.
I purchased the tape recorder on August 15th, 2014, just two weeks ago. After using it for a couple of times, the play button broke off.
I was very surprised to see a new improved model with 2 years warranty, breaking so soon and for no apparent reason.
I immediately contacted your store and spoke to the shift manager. He refused to swap the faulty item and suggested me to get it repaired.
You can imagine how upset I was when I learnt that from him.
I insist to have the damaged tape recorder replaced. Otherwise, I will be forced to stop the payment to your store. I have been buying products from your store for more than 10 years and therefore, I am very unhappy with this whole uncomfortable situation.
I am very disappointed with the product and the service your store provided.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully,
Mr. Diogo

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