Reschedule or Cancel PTE Exam
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We’ve all found ourselves in situations where we needed to postpone an exam for some or the other reason. When it comes to PTE, it’s possible to cancel or reschedule your appointment at any time online or by simply contacting customer service throughout office hours. This means that all your months of preparation won’t go to waste.

Here’s a look at how to reschedule or cancel the PTE Academic exam.

Rescheduling Your PTE Academic Exam

Rescheduling refers to merely wanting to change the location or date of taking an exam. In this case, you’ll just log into your myPTE account and click the “reschedule” option next to the scheduled test and follow the necessary steps.

You can reschedule your exam without incurring any charges at least 14 days before the test. On the other hand, if you have between 13 and 18 days, you will need to pay 50% of the originally paid fees. If rescheduling takes place 7 days or less before the test, a new test fee will emerge without a refund.

Rescheduling Due to Health Reasons

If you’re rescheduling the PTE test for health reasons, it might be possible to reschedule without incurring any charges or at a decreased PTE exam fee. Nevertheless, you must offer proof supporting your health claim. The relevant authorities will make the ultimate decision on this issue. Keep in mind that they can only grant you one medical reschedule for a specific test.

Remember, rescheduling because of a medical reason needs to take place via customer service. Upon rescheduling, you’ll notice a temporary test center beneath your account. This center is where test appointments are on hold until test centers can recommence testing.

Rescheduling Your Test to a Current Test Center

You need to log into your account and reschedule the test at no cost before the scheduled date appears for the temporary test center. This should be 90 days before the initial test date. Don’t worry. You don’t have to contact customer services, and you won’t incur any extra fee.

You won’t lose your test fee if the chosen test center is unavailable. You can wait until the center reopens, or you could request a refund. If you can’t find a suitable date or test center, you can cancel the test at no cost before the date appearing against the test center.

Missing the Exam

In case you miss the exam, the record will indicate that you are a “no show.” In this circumstance, there’s no refund. This means you’ll need to rebook and repay the PTE Academic fees.

Requesting a Refund

You can request a refund in a case where you paid with a voucher or card. In this case, you’ll log into the account and cancel the existing appointment. Automatic refund processing will take place through the card you used for payment.

If the payment was done using a voucher, the reinstatement will take place automatically. Therefore, you don’t need to take further action.

If you intend to reschedule your PTE Academic, just pay extra attention to the date and the guidelines stipulated for a successful refund.

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