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Taking your Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE) test requires all your concentration. You’ve had months to prepare for this; you’ve even taken PTE mock tests several times.

But what if a chaotic testing center shatters your focus?

It’s easy to get distracted by things beyond your control. Once this happens, you will lose your line of thinking and momentum.

PTE testing centers tend to be loud and busy, in contrast with the calm of a PTE coaching center. Don’t dismiss the surrounding noise as a minor nuisance as it can potentially affect your PTE score.

Sources of Noise at the Testing Center

Noise is anything you don’t want to hear, and it is unique for every person.

At the PTE exam site, noise can be influenced by the number of examinees. The more people there are, the louder the background hum can get.

Since the PTE exam includes a reading module, expect your fellow examinees to be part of the background din. Keep in mind that some people can comprehend better when they read the material out loud. Others can silently read and still get a full understanding of the passage.

The worst noise during the PTE exam would probably be caused during the speaking module of the PTE exam. Most of you will reach that part almost simultaneously, all while sharing the same space.

Imagine the noise level when everyone starts speaking at the same time, hoping that the computer can capture what is being said. Some would try to speak louder over the others.

It can be utter chaos. This experience will not only test your English proficiency but also your patience and willpower.

How Does Background Noise Affect Your PTE Score?

A noisy environment is the enemy of concentration. The added stress can weaken your memory and cause your brain to function less efficiently. You may find yourself struggling to remember the answer to a particular question that you’ve encountered in a PTE academic tutorial session.

Once frustration settles in, you tend to commit more mistakes, which influences the way you deliver your communicative skills.

How to Deal With Background Noise

You probably can’t shush other examinees at the testing center, so what can you do to cope?

PTE Practice

Here are some tips for successfully taking the PTE test in a distracting place:

  • Book PTE at a smaller testing center – With a smaller venue, there’ll be fewer test-takers. Go for a test date and time that most people won’t choose. You can select the earliest time possible, which is unpopular because people don’t want to get up early.
  • Get used to a noisy background – You already know that you will not take this test solo, so you might as well get used to practicing with other people around. Get accustomed to completing tasks even if you are not in a quiet room.
  • Hone your concentration – The months of preparation can be genuinely stressful, so it’s best to engage in meditation practices. You can incorporate breathing exercises to improve your overall concentration and well-being.


Is it possible to ace an exam in a room full of distractions? Hopefully, these tips will give you an edge while taking your PTE exam amidst the clamor. Remember that the ear is designed to hear everything, but the mind can be trained to focus on a particular task.

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