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If you’re taking the PTE exam, you’ve probably encountered some questionable advice. First-time aspirants are particularly susceptible to falling for myths.

Beware of misleading information that could affect your PTE score or cut into your preparation time.

Here, we debunk common PTE myths that can misguide or confuse you.

6 Common PTE Myths and What to Do Instead

Myth 1: Speak With Different Accents 

Instead: Don’t attempt fake accents if you want a high score.

The design of the PTE software allows it to pick up various accents, so stick to what you find comfortable. Don’t worry about sounding a particular way.

Remember, assessors expect test-takers to maintain a natural tone and pace.

Myth 2: Avoid Using the Backspace

Instead: Use the backspace when necessary.

Some test-takers claim that the backspace affected their score when summarizing written text. However, the low score was probably the result of misspellings and other errors.

Using the backspace has no relation to low marks and doesn’t affect your score in any way.

Myth 3: Use Fancy Vocabulary

Instead: Use appropriate words and correct grammar.

This is unnecessary and may even hinder communication. Instead, you need to make appropriate vocabulary and grammar choices to convey the necessary information accurately.

Simple words can be the best words.

Myth 4: Choose All the Options in Multiple-Choice 

Instead: Be conservative if you’re uncertain about the answer.

This is one of the most popular and misleading PTE hacks. The truth is, you won’t score any points if you try this. If you recognize one choice but are uncertain about the rest, you’re better off sticking with the one you’re familiar with and leaving the other choices blank.

Remember that you get a point for every right answer but lose one point for every wrong one.

Myth 5: Omit Some Tasks

Instead: Improve your time management skills.

Running out of time? Some would advise you to skip tasks that carry low marks. Before you can even believe the myth, remember the test format.

PTE Practice

The score from a task affects the score from different sections. For instance, after you’ve completed the initial 3 segments, you’ll have less time for the listening segment. If you opt to skip the “summarize spoken text” section, you’ll lose the marks for the writing and listening section.

Instead of skipping sections, just work on your time management skills.

Myth 6: Skip the PTE Coaching

Instead: Get a qualified and experienced PTE coach.

While it’s possible to prepare for the exam yourself, you can’t ignore the impact of coaching on your score. You want to obtain expert advice from those who are well-versed with the exam and understand what it takes to ace it.

Do you find the practice exam overwhelming? That’s where coaching comes in handy. You can enroll in PTE online classes to enhance your preparation.

With coaching, you will know what to expect in the actual test.


Don’t let myths distract you as you prepare for the PTE test. Instead, focus on proven test preparation strategies. Better yet, seek expert guidance or enroll in a genuine online PTE course.

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