PTE CORE is the latest form of PTE Academic test introduced for candidates planning to work, study or migrate to Canada. Let’s dig deeper and find out all about PTE core, what the test is all about and how it can help you achieve your dream of migrating to Canada.


Format of PTE Core resembles the  PTE Academic exam. Basically, the PTE Core exam is a two-hour, computer-based exam that helps assess proficiency in four crucial essential English skills. It includes speaking, listening, reading and writing. The PTE Core exam is a perfect match for candidates with varied linguistic backgrounds and professional aspirations.


Gio Giovannelli, the President of Pearson’s English Language Learning division stated that, “PTE Core is our latest initiative to support test takers globally. It focuses on everyday language skills and provides an opportunity for individuals to demonstrate their English ability in a natural way.”


The PTE Core facilitates offering a timely solution, satisfying the needs of test takers and providing endless opportunities for Pearson. It is beneficial for professionals working in nursing, engineering and web development. PTE Core has also gained significant recognition from IRCC and is widely accepted for all Student Direct Stream (SDS) visa applications since August 2023. The PTE Core exam is accepted by educational institutions and governments across the world like the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. The exam is highly competitive and reliable and makes easy assessment for the English language proficiency.


PTE Core offers the most precise and unbiased assessment of English language proficiency using the latest innovations in artificial intelligence for scoring and security measures. You can book the digital test online at your point of convenience prior to just 24 hours notice at test centers across the globe. However, the test takers get the results within the time duration of two days, providing advanced flexibility and efficiency.


The PTE Core is available in over 400 PTE centers across 118 countries, inclusive of 25 locations in Canada. They are even expanding their existing network and offer accessible language testing for varied applicants. No matter if you are an individual, or a professional student, the PTE Core helps to kickstart your entire journey.


Simply put, PTE Core showcases something more than just a language proficiency test. It serves as a catalyst for modification and exploring new opportunities. Before starting this journey, let’s discover the possibilities that PTE Core brings in!

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