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If you’re taking the PTE exam for the first time, it’s normal to feel intimidated. You might even wonder whether it’s possible to earn the ideal score on the PTE Academic test.

Yes, it’s possible to ace it even if you are not a native English speaker. But it will require a lot of effort and planning on your part.

If you take the exam without familiarizing yourself with the format or doing practice tests, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment.

Good thing we have these proven PTE exam tips that will help you succeed on your first attempt.

5 Smart PTE Exam Tips for First-Timers

1. Familiarize Yourself With the Test Format

It’s vital to get an in-depth knowledge of the PTE Academic test format. You can view this on Pearson’s official website and other websites featuring test materials.

Even if you have an excellent command of English, passing this exam goes beyond communication competency. You need to master the format and implement appropriate techniques to respond to the questions.

2. Take the PTE Practice Test

Good news! You have the advantage of access to a mock test online. The results you receive will give you insight into what you’re capable of achieving in the actual exam. An important part of preparation is identifying and boosting your weak areas, which mock tests are designed to do.

What’s even more convenient is that you can take the test from the comfort of your home. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the clock, as the PTE Academic test is timed.

3. Devote Enough Time for Study

Once you have an idea of what’s expected in the PTE exam, you can design a study plan that covers everything you need to hone. Use materials that will best fit your study schedule. Aside from improving your weak points, make sure you also practice your strong areas.

The last thing you want to do is to cram a few days before the scheduled date. This will only heighten your anxiety.  Also, don’t be overconfident because you might end up studying less.

4. Speak Clearly and Fluently

Nervous about the speaking section? One tip is to maintain your natural accent rather than try to imitate British or American ones. When speaking, relax and deliver your message at a comfortable speed.

Remember: faster is not always better in this part of the PTE exam. It’s equally important to speak fluently and articulate the last letter of the terms. You want to avoid shouting; instead, use a moderate speaking volume.

5.Practice Effective Time Management

Avoid spending too much time on any one task. You may be inclined to focus on your comfort zone and avoid the hard tasks. Or you may get stumped by a question and forget the time limit in your quest for an answer.

The key thing is to always be conscious of the time limit for each part of the test. Then, make sure you pace yourself so that you can complete all the tasks without stinting on quality.

While this language proficiency test seems daunting, getting an excellent score is within your reach. It all hinges on your determination and eagerness to work towards your goal.

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