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Vocabulary is an integral part of your IELTS score and counts as 25% of your speaking and writing grade. Possessing the ability to understand a wide range of vocabulary will also help you to understand the listening and reading sections of the exam. Considering the importance of an ample vocabulary in terms of achieving a high banded score, it is essential you can use a wide range of words and phrases.

The difference between two phrasal verbs such as take up and take off may seem minor, but the difference in meaning is significant and if used incorrectly, these types of errors will harm your overall IELTS band score. You do not always need to use complicated or advanced words on the IELTS test but using an extensive range or words correctly will enable you to get a higher score because your speaking and writing will be more natural and concise.

This page contains word lists and activities for the most common themes that you will encounter on the IELTS exam. If you can learn this vocabulary and use it correctly, your score will improve. The activities are multiple choice questions on answers to IELTS questions. By completing the activities, you will expand your vocabulary and get to see how the words and phrases can be used in real context.

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