Happiness ielts speaking part 1

Happiness is a topic that often comes up in the IELTS speaking part 1. Below you will find a list of some example questions and answers that you could encounter during part 1 of the IELTS Speaking test.

The questions below are based on the real IELTS speaking exam. They serve as a great IELTS Speaking Part 1 prediction questions to help you prepare better before your test.

Happiness Speaking Part 1 – Set 1

  1. Would you say you are a happy person?
    I think I am sometimes. I try to find joy in little things when I can, but, sometimes, life gets in the way and it is a bit more difficult to be positive.
  2. Why do you think happiness is important?
    Happiness is important, because without it, life would be very difficult to get through. From my personal experience, I believe it is very hard to find meaning in doing something that I hate.
  3. What are things that make you happy?
    There are many thigs that make me happy. Going for a meal with my friends, or riding my bicycle on a sunny day. Also, breathing in fresh air when stepping outside the door in the morning.

Happiness Vocabulary Speaking Part 1 – Set 1

  • life gets in the way – obstacles or duties that people generally have to do, instead of doing what they would like to do.
  • get through – (in this case) survive

Set 2

  1. Is it important to be happy?
    Yes, it definitely is. Without happiness life becomes very difficult to bear, and it is harder to find meaning to it. It is important to make time for happiness in the busy world we live in.
  2. Did you do something recently which made you happy?
    A few days ago, I went to a flower shop. A lady was crying outside, on a bench. I gave her the flowers I had bought, which helped put a big smile on her face. I was equally happy to help her!
  3. Should people be happy all the time?
    I don’t think it is feasible to be happy all the time. Human emotions are complex, and we need to make room for all of them, in order to experience life to the fullest, and to feel good with ourselves.

Set 2 Vocabulary

  • feasible– doable
  • make room for – make time or space for something

Set 3

  1. Would you say you are a happy person?
    I am. I tend to focus on the simpler gifts that life has to offer, and I think that it grounds me and makes me feel more connected to the present.
  2. How do you feel about sharing things with others?
    I enjoy sharing my food, of course! I also gladly share DVD’s or movie suggestions with other people. People in my social circle really enjoy going to the movies and watching films and TV shows, just like me!
  3. What makes people you are close to happy?
    With family, they just enjoy and quality time we spend together. When it comes to my friends are always happy when I bring them a special treat I made!

Set 3 Vocabulary

  • grounds – makes a person focus on the present moment
  • social circle – group of friends
  • treat – (in this case) a thoughtful, special food they don’t usually get for themselves

Set 4

  1. What are things that make you happy?
    There are many things that make me happy! I love spending quality time with family and friends. I get much joy out of watching a good movie or TV show. Making other people happy brings me so much happiness, as well.
  2. How do you deal with stress?
    Other than cooking! I manage my stress levels by reading lots of books and walking outside. Books are a great distraction from your problems and help de-stress me before bed. Other times, I will go for a walk in nature and relax in nature.
  3. How does physical exercise relieve stress?
    Physical exercise is a great way to reduce stress as you are activating hormones that make you feel better and more cheerful. Lots of people run as an outlet for stress and say that you can alleviate stress this way.

Set 4 Vocabulary

  • alleviate– reduce suffering

Set 5

  1. How good is your concentration?
    I am pretty good at focussing on the task at hand. For example, I make model planes as a hobby and I am able to sit for a couple of hours working on intricate details without getting distracted.
  2. What conditions help you to concentrate?
    The best way to concentrate on a task is to be in a quiet space with good lighting. This helps focus but also the light helps you to see what you are doing. Some people like to have music in the background but it drives me to distraction.
  3. Is it easy for you to concentrate when you study?
    The best way to concentrate on a task is to be in a quiet space with good lighting. This helps focus but also the light helps you to see what you are doing. Some people like to have music in the background but it drives me to distraction.

Set 5 Vocabulary

  • the task at hand – the work someone is doing
  • drive somebody to distraction – cause distraction
  • to get my head down – to focus on a task

Set 6

  1. Where are you from?
    I am from Granada in the region of Andalusia, in Spain. It is a very historic city and it is home to the Alhambra palace and fortress, a monument of Islamic architecture.
  2. How do you feel about crowded areas?
    I am a little more wary of them now, due to the pandemic, but prior to it, they didn’t pose any problems for me. I am a bit of social butterfly and I am therefore accustomed to being around people.
  3. How do you feel about living in a crowded place?
    Granada is a very touristy location, and it is always busy there. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming, but you get used to it and it eventually becomes the norm. As a result, I don’t mind it too much.

Set 6 Vocabulary

  • wary of – cautious
  • prior to – before
  • pose any problems – cause any problems
  • social butterfly – a person who likes to socialise a lot
  • accustomed to – used to
  • overwhelming– hard to process everything at once
  • norm– standard

Set 7

  1. What do you do for a living?
    I work the manager of a phone store. I started off as a customer service representative, but I wanted to move up in this world. I worked very hard for two years and was eventually promoted to my current position.
  2. In your opinion, what makes a person open?
    Whenever I interact with open people, they seem to be happy to share their likes and dislikes, and sometimes talk about their personal live. They tend to be trusting people.
  3. Would you consider yourself an open person?
    I don’t think I am as open as other people I know, but I am a social butterfly. I love to interact with people and spend time with friends and family.
  4. What do you like to share with other people?
    I like to share many of my passions with other people. I am an avid reader, and I am always happy to share any new books I have read with other bookworms like me.

Set 7 Vocabulary

  • move up in this world – become more successful
  • social butterfly – a person who loves to socialise
  • avid reader – passionate about reading
  • bookworms – people who love to read and who read extensively

Set 8

  1. Where are you from?
    I am from Paris, in France. I love living in a city that is so vibrant. It is a hotspot for people taking city breaks and especially for couples looking for a romantic getaway. There are lots of beautiful buildings and architecture to enjoy.
  2. When do you laugh a lot?
    I like to think that I have a good sense of humour and enjoy a giggle and a joke quite often. I can recall laughing a lot with my friends from the hotel about something silly or childish. I also laugh when I am watching TV.
  3. Can you make people laugh?
    I sometimes make my colleagues laugh by playing a trick on them or pulling silly faces behind a customer´s back. They do it back to me so it is all good fun and nobody gets offended. I can make my little cousin laugh a lot by tickling him.
  4. When was the last time you laughed?
    That is difficult to remember as I was so nervous before the exam. When I was at work yesterday one of my friends was telling a story about her mother and I was almost bent double because I was laughing so hard.

Set 8 Vocabulary

  • a hotspot – a place with lots of activity
  • a giggle – laugh
  • play a trick on – to confuse someone as a joke
  • tickling– touch a person to make them laugh
  • bent double – laughing a lot

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