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The key to passing the essay section of the PTE is all in understanding your topic before you start. Know what you’re going to write and how you’re going to do it. This is going to give you a little help on exam day.

Start with an Outline

The first thing to do is outline your essay. You don’t get a lot of time to write, but taking a few minutes to lay out how you’re going to write everything will help you. It will serve as a sort of PTE writing essay template.

Write down an introduction that will explain the purpose of your essay.

The next paragraph should be your strongest supporting point.

The second paragraph is your next strongest supporting point.

The third paragraph is your weakest supporting point.

Finally, you’ll have a conclusion that wraps up the information you gave.

Expand it Out

Once you have the outline, you need to write the essay around it. Start with your introduction. Your outline should lay out a sentence or a few bullet points of what you want to say. Turn it into complete sentences. You’ll need at least three or four of them to make a full paragraph that gets the right information.

Next, expand each of your other sections. Turn any bullet points into complete sentences. Add a little more information for each paragraph to get four or more sentences that support the main point of that section.

PTE Essay Writing Tips

When you start working on your PTE writing essay, make sure you use only words that you understand. Writing your essay with large words or more complex words is good if you fully understand them. If you don’t, then you will be marked down for using them incorrectly.

Next, always have an essay writing template for PTE. This will help you get everything you need into the essay. That way, you don’t forget an important part and lose points as a result. You may want a PTE writing essay list of the important points or paragraphs to include.

Practice common essay writing topics for PTE academic. The same topics are used frequently in the PTE. You may not get one of these for your PTE writing essay, but if you do, you’ll have a bit of added help. If you don’t, you still have a better idea of the writing style to use.


The Rules

The biggest rule is to stay within your time limit. You only get 20 minutes. That means practicing how to write PTE essays in a short amount of time. Practice writing out a list or outline and writing all within 20 minutes or less.

Once you’ve practiced and practiced until you know you can do it in 20 minutes, practice doing it in 15. Remember, you’re going to feel more anxious on test day, and that could slow you down. If you can consistently write in 15 minutes, you should have enough time to account for anxiety.

Include each of the sections that will be scored for your PTE. That includes three supporting paragraphs, an introduction, and a conclusion. Skipping any of these paragraphs will lose you points. That’s why a list is such a good idea. It will help you keep track of each paragraph as you write it.


Put your best information in each paragraph. Support your topic as strongly as possible. Put the best arguments that you have into your paragraphs in the body of the essay. This will help you come through stronger and more confident. It will also help you fulfill the requirements.

Finally, review the topic before you begin. Make sure you understand what the topic really is and what you need to do with it before you start writing your essay. If you misread the topic at the start, your essay won’t answer the questions it’s supposed to. That’s what will cause you to lose more points.

Wrap Up

Look at all of the information you already have about your PTE and especially the writing essay. Then, practice writing about anything you can and do it in 15 minutes or less. From there, you should be better prepared for test day.

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