shopping ielts speaking part 1

Shopping is a topic that often comes up in the IELTS speaking part 1. Below you will find a list of some example questions and answers that you could encounter during part 1 of the IELTS Speaking test.

The questions below are based on the real IELTS speaking exam. They serve as a great IELTS Speaking Part 1 prediction questions to help you prepare better before your test.

Shopping Speaking Part 1 – Set 1

  1. Do you like shopping?
    I don’t mind shopping if I am looking for a computer game or some skating clothes. I can’t
    stand going shopping with my parents because they stop and look at everything and we can be there for hours.
  2. Where do you go shopping?
    I usually go to a big shopping centre on the outskirts of town. It has everything from clothes shops, department stores and smaller boutiques. You really can get anything you need there. That is why we end up spending so many hours shopping.

Set 1 Vocabulary

  • can’t stand – hate
  • on the outskirts – far from the town centre

Set 2

  1. Do you like shopping online?
    Yes, I do. It is very convenient. It gives me several options and it saves me a lot of time in choosing a product.
  2. Do you think that higher prices necessarily mean better quality?
    I don’t think so. Some products cost an arm and a leg and most of the time, we just pay for their brand and popularity more than the quality. Based on my experience, there are products of excellent quality and yet priced reasonably.

Set 2 Vocabulary

  • cost an arm and a leg – to be too expensive

Set 3

  1. Let’s talk about the topic of purchasing.
    Let’s do it.
  2. What kinds of purchases do you usually make?
    In addition to the bare necessities, like food and clothes, I like to buy books. I enjoy cooking very much, so cooking utensils are definitely recurring items on the shopping list.
  3. Do you usually check items’ prices before you buy them?
    I personally do. When it comes to food, I may be more flexible when I check prices, because I know that food is essential. However, I have to check and think deeply before purchasing items that aren’t necessities.
  4. Do you think it is necessary to check prices when purchasing?
    To me, it definitely is. I personally need to budget my money carefully so that I can live a stress-free life. Other people may have more means, so they might not need to do so as much.

Set 3 Vocabulary

  • bare necessities – basic needs for survival
  • recurring – happening repeatedly
  • have more means – have more money, more able to afford

Set 4

  1. Do you like to buy furniture?
    I do. I remember being very excited to pick out my furniture when I moved into this flat. I wanted the furniture to fit my style and my personality, and I had a ball going furniture shopping.

Set 4 Vocabulary

  • pick out – choose
  • I had a ball – I had a great time

Set 5

  1. Do you use online shopping?
    I believe I have only used twice. I am the kind of person who needs to try it on before buying it. There is an option to do so with online shopping, but the return process can often be tedious and time-consuming.

Set 5 Vocabulary

  • tedious – requiring a lot of time and effort

Set 6

  1. Do you enjoy shopping for shoes?
    I adore shopping for everything! There is nothing better than spending the day in the shopping center looking at all the shoes and accessories, even if I can´t afford them. The best thing is finding a bargain in the sales.
  2. When you are shopping for shoes, do you prefer comfortable or fashionable shoes?
    I definitely prefer shoes that are comfortable and practical. I used to wear shoes that were trendy, but they just hurt your feet and give you blisters. My shoes need to fit well as I do a lot of walking.

Set 6 Vocabulary

  • a bargain – a thing bought more cheaply than usual
  • trendy – fashionable
  • blisters – a small bubble filled with fluid caused by friction on the skin

Set 7

  1. Let’s talk about the topic of shoes.
    Let’s do it!
  2. Do you own a favourite pair of shoes?
    I do. My favourite shoes are my pair of Converse shoes. I love how comfortable they are, and they can be worn for a myriad of occasions.
  3. Which do you value more when buying shoes, comfort or style?
    When I purchase shoes, I prefer to prioritise comfort. If style is part of the package, that is certainly a bonus! I like to feel like myself, and being comfortable in what I wear is part of it.
  4. Do you shop for shoes online?
    I do not. I find it very difficult the purchase clothes without trying them on first. Different shoes fit the feet differently, and it is very important for me to choose them physically.
  5. How frequently do you buy shoes?
    I mostly buy shoes out of necessity. I like shoes that I can use for a variety of occasions, and only rarely do I buy shoes for one particular type of event.

Set 7 Vocabulary

  • myriad – range
  • prioritise – give greater importance to something in comparison with other things
  • part of the package – something about a given situation which simply needs to be accepted
  • physically – (in this case) in person
  • out of necessity – because it is necessary

Set 8

  1. Did you use to recycle as a child?
    In my youth, recycling was not as popular as now. However, I have always had a keen interest in nature and I had read about sustainability. I therefore tried my best to repurpose, and pick up litter lying around.
  2. Do you take a shopping list with you when you go to grocery stores?
    I do. I find it is very easy to give in to temptation without one. Especially with young children, there are so many items and treats I want to buy to make them happy. Lists help me stay within my budget!
  3. Do you think lists are helpful to have at home or at work?
    I believe so. To-do lists, for instance, help give more structure to the day. When I feel overwhelmed with responsibilities for the day, writing down the tasks in order of priority helps me complete them more efficiently.

Set 8 Vocabulary

  • keen interest – strong interest
  • repurpose – give a used item a new use
  • give in to temptation – be unable to resist
  • stay within my budget – buying items which cost fits within the total amount of money I willing to spend.

Set 9

  1. Do you like perfumes?
    I love perfumes and I have got lots of different types. Some I have bought myself and others I have received as a gift. It is nice to wear different perfumes for different occasions depending on how you feel.
  2. What type of perfume do you like? Why?
    I like the designer names like Hugo Boss and Calvin Clein. They are a bit pricey but I think it is worth it as they make you feel good. I like scents that are fresh and young, that give you energy when you wear them.
  3. Do you buy different perfumes? Why?
    I hardly ever buy the same perfume twice. I suppose I am susceptible to a new advert for a fragrance or offers when you can get a bargain. I also get different perfumes for gifts as my friends know I´m a collector.

Set 9 Vocabulary

  • a bit pricey – expensive
  • a bargain – something bought in the sale, for a cheap price

Set 10

  1. Where are you from?
    I am from London, in England. London is the capital city of England and is a metropolis. It is world-famous for landmarks such as Big Ben and London Bridge. It is a busy city with activities for everyone.
  2. Do you work or do you study?
    I work as a tour guide in London. I have my own start-up company and I have a small team of employees working with me.
  3. Do you normally wear sunglasses?
    I don’t wear sunglasses that often. On a daily basis, I prefer to wear caps that cover my eyes. However, if I go on holidays to a particularly sunny destination, I will for sure take some with me.
  4. Would you consider buying expensive sunglasses for yourself?
    I don’t think so. As long as my sunglasses are of good quality and serve their purpose of protecting my eyes, I am happy with a reasonably-priced pair of sunglasses. Especially since I don’t wear them that frequently.

Set 10 Vocabulary

  • metropolis – large, busy city
  • on a daily basis – every day
  • serve their purpose – do what they are supposed to do

Set 11

  1. Where are you from?
    I come from Manchester, in England. Manchester is a metropolis and it is known for being the first industrialised city in the world.
  2. Do you like to carry a bag when you leave the house?
    I do! I actually have a backpack I like to carry with me. It is a medium-size backpack which contains everything I need, namely a pen and notebook, my wallet and a bottle of water as my basic items.
  3. How did you come across that bag?
    I bought this backpack at a flea market. Its vibrant colours really made it stand out in the crowd. It seemed very unique and I just had to purchase it.
  4. What makes your bag so special?
    I think it’s the fact that I’ve had it for so many years and it never failed me. It’s my trusted backpack I take with me almost everywhere and it fits so many occasions.
  5. Is there another kind of bag you like besides backpacks?
    I like satchels a lot, as they are easy to carry and generally very spacious. I particularly like cloth satchels that are easy to put away.

Set 11 Vocabulary

  • metropolis – large, busy city
  • namely – called
  • vibrant – vivid and bright
  • stand out in the crowd – was different from the others
  • it never failed me – it never let me down
  • put away – store

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