OET Speaking
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OET Speaking is considered to be the easiest of the four modules (listening, reading, writing and speaking). Achieving 350 or more in the speaking section is not very difficult. All you need to do is to follow the role play card and ensure that all bullet points in the card have been duly addressed. At the same time, listen to the patient’s concerns and answer them satisfactorily. Time management is an extremely important factor as the interlocutor will stop the recorder at 5 minutes.

Some of the basics to get right in the speaking module are:

  • Introducing yourself well

  • Asking the relevant questions to the patient

  • Using a positive language

  • Ensuring there is a two-way communication and you are not the only speaking throughout the interview

  • Addressing all bullet points

  • Summarising the conversation at the end (if time allows)


Following are some sample speaking recordings on different scenarios. Hope you will find them useful.

Asthma (Doctor)

OET Speaking

Heart Attack (Doctor)

Immunisation (Doctor)

Pneumonia & Catheter Removal (Nurse)

Breast Cancer (Nurse)

Cardiac Catheterisation (Nurse)

Toes (Nurse)

Alzheimer’s (Nurse)

Angina (Nurse)

OET Speaking

Bunion Surgery (Nurse)

Catheter Issues (Nurse)

Lifestyle Changes (Nurse)

Patient Not Ready For Pain Killer (Nurse)