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This is the good news nursing OET candidates have been waiting for!

After careful deliberation, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) of the United Kingdom has announced on 27 November 2019 that they will accept a C+ minimum grade in OET Writing for registration purposes. Previously, the required grade was a B grade minimum. This update is great for all nurses who intend to register with NMC but have been struggling with the OET Writing sub-test.

This new grade requirement is only applicable to the writing component and OET nursing candidates will still need to obtain a B grade minimum for the other three components (reading, listening and speaking) in OET. A minimum overall score of B is also required.

This update to their English language requirement will only take effect from 28 January 2020 onwards.

Not sure about scores and grades? Check out the Benchmark OET Calculator. Just key in your score and our calculator will tell you your grade!

To read the official NMC update, Click Here

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