work ielts cue card speaking part 2

Work is a cue card topic that often comes up in the IELTS speaking part 2. Below you will find a list of some exam questions and answers that you could encounter during part 2 of the IELTS Speaking test.

The questions below are based on the real IELTS speaking exam. They serve as a great IELTS Speaking part 2 cue card prediction questions to help you prepare better before your test.

Work Speaking Part 2 – Cue Card 1

Describe an ideal job you would like to have in the future. Please say

You should say:

  • what is your ideal job?
  • what do you like about this job?
  • why is this the perfect job for you?
  • and how would you feel if you got the job?
  1. What is your ideal job?
    I am going to talk about my dream job. I believe that the most ideal job I could possibly have, would be becoming an ambassador for the United States.
  2. What do you like about this job?
    I feel being an ambassador is a noble profession. I am so very passionate about politics, and I am also an avid traveller. I grew up in a very multicultural neighbourhood, which ignited an interest in me to learn more and strive to understand cultures that are different to my own. I have been to thirty different countries across the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe, and I consider it a privilege to have been able to do so. Being an ambassador would combine my interests, and would entail communicating with leaders from cultural backgrounds. I believe in the importance of communication in building solid relationships, and hopefully my input can make a positive difference for the nations involved.
  3. Why is this the perfect job for you?
    As you know, I am majoring in political science, and I realise how intricate the nature of politics truly is. I am big on problem-solving and I believe that the world can be a healthier, happier place for all. While I am an optimist, I am also extremely down to earth, and I am aware that the job would be extremely challenging and possibly intimidating at times. However, I am not one to back down from a challenge, especially if the outcome bears tremendous benefits.
  4. and how would you feel if you got the job?
    If I got the job, I would be overjoyed and proud. I know that if I did get it, it would be way down the line with a lot of hard work to be done in between, and so obtaining such position would fill me with the greatest sense of achievement I can conceive

Work Vocabulary Speaking Part 2 – Cue Card 1

  • noble profession = a job that helps mankind
  • avid traveller = someone with a passion for travelling
  • multicultural = with many different cultures
  • ignited = sparked, caused
  • strive = make great efforts to achieve a certain goal
  • privilege = a special right or advantage that is only given to specific people
  • input = contribution
  • intricate = complicated, detailed, complex
  • I am big on = very interested in
  • down to earth = very realistic, very practical
  • back down from a challenge = give up when facing a challenge
  • tremendous = very great in quality, intensity or scale
  • down the line = a long time from now
  • conceive = (in this case) imagine

Cue Card 2

Describe a person you know who is doing charity work. Please say

You should say:

  • what he/she does
  • why he/she is doing it and
  • how you feel about the work this person is doing

I am going to talk about my friend who raises money for charity. My friend Kate raises money by running and doing marathons as well as organising other events. The organisation is the air ambulance and they need a lot of money to keep the helicopter running and to employ skilled paramedics. Kate learnt about the charity when someone in her family had to be taken to hospital by helicopter. The first thing she did was to run a half marathon and asked friends and family to sponsor her. After that, she regularly trained and ran races which supported the charity. Last year, she organised a party with dinner and entertainment, the tickets were sold out and a lot of money was raised through ticket sales and a tombola.  To date, she has raised about €10,000 for the cause which is fantastic and really appreciated by the organisation. I feel very proud of my friend and think that she deserves a medal for all the effort she puts into training. I often give money to different charities but I am not sure I could devote the time and energy that she does. I admire people who work for charities and complete challenges that take a lot of commitment and effort.

Vocabulary for Cue Card 2

  • raise money – collect money for charity
  • sponsor – to promise money to somebody doing an activity for charity
  • a tombola – a game where you buy tickets and can win a prize

IELTS writing correction

Cue Card 3

Describe a job that one of your grandparents did. Please say

You should say:

  • what was it
  • was it a hard job
  • did he/she like it or not? Why

I am going to talk about my grandmother´s job as a hairdresser. My grandmother left school at a very young age as it was not expected that girls would go onto study at university or even pass any exams back then. She was trained as a hairdresser but a friend and worked in a shop cutting hair for the local people. She had a baby very young too so had to work hard to support her family. I don’t think the salary was good and she didn’t have much money to make ends meet.

My grandmother lives in many different places but remained as a hairdresser for all her life. The good thing is that everybody needs to have a haircut so there are always jobs available in a new town. It was a difficult job as she complained that standing all day hurt her back and she suffered pain as a result of the job. When we were children, we went to our grandmother’s house so she could cut or style our hair. I have fond memories and negative memories of this! Once she cut my hair really short as it was the fashion but as an 8 year old I didn’t like losing my long hair.

She liked chatting and meeting lots of different people; she always knew everybody in the town and they knew her. The advantages were the social aspects and the availability of work but the downsides were the salary and the pressure on her back

Vocabulary for Cue Card 3

  • to make ends meet – to have just enough money to live
  • fond memories – good memories

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