Clothes IELTS Speaking Part 2 Cue Card Questions with Answers

clothes ielts cue card speaking part 2

Clothes is a cue card topic that often comes up in the IELTS speaking part 2. Below you will find a list of some exam questions and answers that you could encounter during part 2 of the IELTS Speaking test.

The questions below are based on the real IELTS speaking exam. They serve as a great IELTS Speaking part 2 cue card prediction questions to help you prepare better before your test.

Clothes Speaking Part 2 – Cue Card 1

Talk about an item of clothing that someone gave you.
I’m going to tell you about a full-length fur coat that a friend gave me when I was about 17 and the trouble that it brought me and how I eventually had to throw it away.

You should say:

  • what it was
  • when you got it
  • who gave it to you and why
  • and explain how you felt about that.
  1. what it was
    As I mentioned, it was a brown full-length fur coat, except that it wasn’t real fur. Even though this was a few years ago, wearing animal fur was seen as being controversial and I was one of the people who were against the breeding of animals for their fur and so I’d never have worn it if it had been real.
  2. when you got it
    At the time it was trendy to be retro and going back to the hippy era of the late 1960s was all the rage. I had a motor bike and some days when it was cold, the 20-minute ride to work was extremely uncomfortable. I used to get to work and then have to sit by the radiator drinking hot cups of tea for another 20-minutes to thaw out. I was old enough to drive and had passed my driving test, and my mum and dad had said that they’d let me have the money to buy a car, but I had this idea about being a rebel.
  3. who gave it to you and why
    A friend gave it to me, he didn’t actually give it to me. I swapped it for an old leather jacket, which I didn’t like. He had also started riding a motorbike and was more interested in the biker ‘look’ and wanted to be a part of that. He also thought that a leather jacket would give him more protection if he came off the bike and that was true. I wasn’t thinking so much about protection but more about keeping warm and also because I wanted to look a bit different to everyone else.
  4. and explain how you felt about that.
    When I put it on, I loved it plus it really was very warm and snuggly and I thought that it would be just what I needed. The trouble was, it was like a sponge and as soon as there was a small bit of rain it would absorb a ton of water and this would make it heavy and difficult to move in and to make things worse it would take days to dry. Also, rather than it being fashionable, it made me feel quite self-conscious, so I started feeling embarrassed about wearing it. Just to top it all off, my mum hated it because she thought it had fleas and so I had to keep it in the garage. Meaning that when I did get wet, it wouldn’t dry at all and started smelling like an old dog. The upshot was that after a few difficult months with my coat, I had to throw it away. It wasn’t too bad though because by that time I’d given up on motorbikes and had got a car.
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Clothes Vocabulary Speaking Part 2 – Cue Card 2

  • Full-length – Item of clothing that hangs below the knee
  • ‘Be’ seen as – be regarded as
  • Trendy – Fashionable
  • Retro – Fashionable because of its age/how it represents the past
  • All-the-rage – Extremely popular
  • Thaw out – Become unfrozen
  • (The) ‘Look’ – Something that represents
  • Snuggly – Warm and comfortable
  • A ton of – A lot of
  • Top it all off – To conclude

Cue Card 2

Talk about some clothes that someone gave you. Please say

You should say:

  • what clothes did they give you
  • when did it happen
  • why did it happen
  • and explain how you felt about it.

I am going to talk about my football kit. Last year, I turned 30 in June and my friends clubbed together to buy me the latest football strip of my favourite team. The strip included a t-shirt which was personalized with my name and some matching shorts. They also gave me a scarf. I was delighted as it was a surprise and I am always dressed in sports kit because of my job and my hobbies. At the weekends, I wear the kit to football matches. The strip is red and white, the colours of the home kit as I already had the away one. My friends know that I am a huge football and sports fan so the gift was thoughtful. They must have asked my girlfriend for my size because it fits like a glove and I am sure they wouldn’t have guessed correctly. My girlfriend bought me some football boots at the same time which I wear to practice. I am part of a local football team that plays on Sunday mornings. The first time I wore my new football shirt, my friends all cheered and I felt proud and also a bit embarrassed by all the attention. I feel lucky to have such good friends who know me inside and out. They picked a great gift and I know I will be wearing it until it falls off!

Vocabulary for Cue Card 2

  • club together – collect money
  • football strip – football uniform
  • fits like a glove – fit perfectly
  • to cheer – to clap and make a noise in a crowd
  • know somebody inside out – know somebody very well

IELTS writing correction

Cue Card 3

Describe an item of clothing that you received from someone. Please say

You should say:

  • what it was
  • when you received it
  • who gave it to you
  • and explain why they gave it to you
  1. What it was?
    I received a winter coat as a gift a few years ago. It was really luxurious, thick and warm and it was red, my favourite colour. It was a great present and I still have it in my wardrobe now.
  2. When you received it?
    It was Christmas a few years ago when I received it. It was a complete surprise as I thought it was a dressing gown or some slippers. When I opened it, I realised it was this red coat that I had seen in a really posh department store.
  3. Who gave it to you?
    It was given to me by my husband for Christmas. He usually asks me what I would like before Christmas, but this time I didn’t have a clue what it was. Much better than the usual gifts like perfume or a gadget. This was really thoughtful and sweet because I had been complaining that I needed a new coat for months.
  4. and explain why they gave it to you?
    My husband gave me the coat because he knew I was fed up with wearing my old one. He also wanted to surprise me and he certainly did. He remembered me looking at one in the window of the shop when we were out shopping one Saturday. I can’t believe he remembered it and got the correct size. I was really touched and have always enjoyed wearing it.

Vocabulary for Cue Card 3

  • luxurious – extremely comfortable or elegant
  • dressing gown and slippers – house coat and house shoes
  • didn’t have a clue – had no idea, a complete surprise
  • fed up – annoyed or bored with a situation after a long time (phrasal verb)
  • touched – emotionally affected

Cue Card 4

Talk about a uniform that you wore in the past. Please say

You should say:

  • Describe it.
  • Where and when was it?
  • How did you feel about wearing a uniform?

I am going to talk about the school uniform I had to wear when I was younger. When I was at primary school we had to wear a uniform. It consisted of grey trousers, a shirt and blazer with a school tie and black shoes. The school was quite strict about the uniform so you had to wear it correctly, everything had to match and look smart. When I wore it on the first day, I felt quite proud and grown up. My parents took lots of photos that day to show off to their friends and family. I felt a bit awkward at first but everyone has to wear the same so I got used to it quickly. If you were caught wearing training you would be punished with extra work to do. We also had a school PE kit consisting of shorts and a vest for doing sports. I often forgot to take the kit to school.After a while, I got used to the uniform but I still preferred to wear my own clothes. The uniform was very formal and could be uncomfortable and hot to wear in the summer. I would have preferred that we could have summer clothes in the hotter months. Overall, I think it was good wearing a uniform as you didn´t have to think about what to wear or put on in the morning. It is typical in China to wear a smart uniform for school, it gave me a sense of belonging to the school and my group of friends.

Vocabulary for Cue Card 4

  • blazer – formal suit jacket
  • to match – to go well together with something
  • grown up – feel like an adult
  • to show off – try to attract the attention of others

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