business ielts cue card speaking part 2

Business is a cue card topic that often comes up in the IELTS speaking part 2. Below you will find a list of some exam questions and answers that you could encounter during part 2 of the IELTS Speaking test.

The questions below are based on the real IELTS speaking exam. They serve as a great IELTS Speaking part 2 cue card prediction questions to help you prepare better before your test.

Business Speaking Part 2 – Cue Card 1

Talk about a small successful company you are familiar with.

You should say:

  • how did you become familiar with this company
  • how long have you known that company
  • what do you think makes their success
  • and do you think the success of a business depends solely on its management
  1. How did you become familiar with this company?
    I am going to talk about a small cookie factory called XYZ. It is a local company in my county, and my uncle Charles works there. He started to work there as a delivery man about twenty years ago, and he worked his way up. A few years after he started working there, he became a team manager at the manufacturing department. The director was very impressed with his performance and achievements, and he eventually passed the baton to him.
  2. How long have you known that company?
    I have known that company ever since I was a child. I remember that, even before I knew my uncle’s story, he used to bring me different types of cookies on his visits. When I was ten years old, he took me on a company tour. It was then that I realised just how heavily invested he was in his work. His passion for his work was eye-opening to me and I knew that my life pursuits needed to be based on passion.
  3. What do you think makes their success?
    When I visited the company, I remember the employees being incredibly friendly to me, my uncle and each other. The work culture there seemed to be healthy and caring, and I think it makes all the difference. The quality of work is largely dependent on how the employees are treated, and I could tell they were happy. I believe this to be true to this day.
  4. Do you think the success of a business depends solely on its management?
    I think that management has a very big part to play in it, but employees’ commitment is also a factor. There are certain jobs that require enthusiasm on behalf of the workers, such as people working in education, entertainment, science, etc. While management should lead by example and create a stimulating environment to work in, if the employees are not motivated to work, this will be reflected in their work.

Business Vocabulary Speaking Part 2 – Cue Card 1

  • worked his way up = gradually got promoted to higher positions at work
  • passed the baton = passed the responsibility onto someone
  • heavily invested = to have put a lot of effort and time into a project or task
  • eyeopening = enlightening
  • life pursuits = life goals
  • work culture = the beliefs, attitudes and behaviour of employees in the workplace
  • stimulating = encouraging interest or enthusiasm

Cue Card 2

Describe a regional industry in or near your hometown.

You should say:

  • what is it
  • how big is it
  • how does it help the local economy

I am going to talk about an important industry near my city of Malaga. On the outskirts, Malaga is surrounded by agricultural land and the farmers grow a lot of fruit and vegetables. The climate is good for growing oranges and citrus fruit as well as more exotic things like avocados and pomegranates. Agriculture and farming is one of the most important industries as it not only supplies some areas of Spain, but a lot of fruit and veh¡getable are exported to other countries which have colder climates. A lot of tomatoes and strawberries are sent to the UK because people don’t want to eat only seasonal food. They want strawberries in December and Spain can supply them.

Millions of people work in jobs related to food and agriculture in Spain so it is a vital part of the economy and the way that a lot of people get by. When we have extreme weather such as drought or flooding, this can have a massive impact on local people and how they can make ends meet. The other industry is tourism, a major part of the Spanish economy as Spain is the second most visited country in the world. In the summer, tourists flock to Malaga for the beaches and the lifestyle. During the pandemic, this industry suffered greatly and lots of people got laid off as there was no tourism. It is recovering slowly now and I am sure agriculture and tourism will continue to be vital industries in Spain.

Vocabulary for Cue Card 2

  • get by – survive financially
  • drought or flooding – very dry period or lots of rain
  • make ends meet – pay the bills with the money you have
  • get laid off – lose your job

Cue Card 3

Describe an industry such as food, technical, car manufacturing and so on.

You should say:

  • what is it
  • who sells and buys its products
  • how do they sell them

I am going to talk about the car industry in the UK. Some years ago, the UK had a thriving car industry and were world leaders in car manufacturing and sales. Some famous makes such as Mini and Land Rover were founded in the UK and were very successful across the world. The industry employs a large number of people in factories and the industry.The industry is huge because most households in the UK have at least one car and also cars are exported to other countries. The UK car industry is associated with quality and tradition and therefore the customers are often loyal to the brand. Cars are traditionally sold on forecourts or in car showrooms where you can see the model, look at the features and test drive. More recently, a number of companies have sprung up that offer to do the complete sale online and deliver the vehicle to your door within days and provide a guarantee if you are not happy with the car.

On the downside, in the last couple of decades the car industry in the UK has changed dramatically as many factories have been relocated to countries that have cheaper labour and production costs. This has left some people unemployed. Also, consumers are considering other brands and cheaper alternatives from Asia. We are changing from petrol to electric cars slowly so these companies need to be competitively priced if people are going to buy the new cars.

Vocabulary for Cue Card 3

  • thriving – very successful
  • sprung up – appeared quickly
  • on the downside – the negative aspect

IELTS writing correction

Cue Card 4

Talk about a multinational company you are familiar with. Please say

You should say:

  • what is the multinational company in question
  • how did you come across it
  • how do you feel about this company
  • and would you consider working there someday Why
  1. What is the multinational company in question
    I am going to talk about a multinational company I am interested in. It is known world-wide and it is called the Walt Disney Company. It is named after its founder, Walter Elias Disney. It was ahead of the curve because it produced the first ever animated feature-length film, when other cartoons were very short.
  2. How did you come across it?
    I have known about the Walt Disney Company since I was a child. I had a huge collection of Disney movies as a child. Of course, I wasn’t aware of the importance of the company at the time. My parents took me to my first Disney theme Park when I was five years old. I do not have many vivid memories of the experience, but I am told I was like a child in a candy store, enjoying every minute of the experience.
  3. How do you feel about this company?
    As an adult, I have such strong appreciation for their achievements. The amount of work and detail that was put into creating their early movies is immeasurable. I am in awe of their dedication and perseverance, especially in the early days, when everything was hand drawn.
  4. and Would you consider working there someday? Why?
    I must say, even though I have strong childhood memories that relate to watching Disney movies and even drawing Disney characters, I am still very passionate about it. It would be a dream come true to work for that company someday. I would be beside myself with joy if I ever got the opportunity to be employed by Disney. It would be incredible to work in the catering sector of the company, at the parks. Perhaps I could even invent my own menu. I would be on cloud nine if that happened!

Vocabulary for Cue Card 4

  • ahead of the curve = ahead of their time, revolutionary
  • vivid = (in this case) clear
  • like a child in a candy store = extremely excited
  • I am in awe of = I experience amazement and great respect for someone or something
  • beside myself with joy = incredibly happy
  • be on cloud nine = extremely happy

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