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Successful candidates receiving their Occupational English Test (OET) results from 19 September 2019 onwards will get a prestigious digital badge. Announcing this on their official website, OET now stands out as the first English language test for healthcare professionals that awards these e-badges.

Candidates who receive these badges will enjoy the convenience and security of sharing them online as they cannot be copied or tampered with. As graphical representations of traditional awards (certificates and diplomas), digital badges hold blockchain verified metadata and is a step into the future. According to Sujata Stead, CEO of Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment, “Succeeding in the OET test is a significant achievement to an internationally educated healthcare professional and they can now broadcast their accomplishment to the world via email and social media.”

This technological upgrade is one of many improvements to the OET system in the past year. Recently, OET adopted facial recognition technology to match the test taker with their passport photo as an added security measure. All these efforts put OET ahead as a reputable leading English language test in the healthcare industry.

Read the full article at https://www.occupationalenglishtest.org/oet-digital-badges/

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