Colours Speaking Part 1 Questions with Answers for IELTS Exam

colors ielts speaking part 1

Colours is a topic that often comes up in the IELTS speaking part 1. Below you will find a list of some example questions and answers that you could encounter during part 1 of the IELTS Speaking test.

The questions below are based on the real IELTS speaking exam. They serve as a great IELTS Speaking Part 1 prediction questions to help you prepare better before your test.

Colours Speaking Part 1 – Set 1

  1. What are your favorite colours?
    My favourite colours are green and blue. I usually wear these colours because they suit me and people say I look good in them. Also, they remind me of holidays at the seaside and relaxing on the beach.
  2. Did you like the same colours as a child?
    No, I didn’t like the same colours when I was younger. I preferred pink and I was a bit of a princess. Thinking about it now my room was all shades of pink – quite revolting! When I was a teenager I grew out of it, thankfully.
  3. What colours do your friends like?
    My friends like lots of varied colours as they are all individuals. For instance, my friend Hannah loves yellow which suits her personality because she is very bright and friendly. She always looks on the bright side of a situation.

Set 2

  1. Let’s talk about colours.
    I like a lot of different colours but vibrant, bright colours appeal to me. My university dorm is decorated with colourful posters and my wardrobe has colourful sweaters and accessories.
  2. What is your favourite colour?
    Let me think, probably yellow.
  3. Why is that?
    It is because yellow is really cheerful and bright, it reminds me of a sunny afternoon. I am sure that colours can affect your mood and yellow always makes me feel better.
  4. Was it always your favourite?
    I am not sure if it was always the colour I liked most. I remember my bedroom, when I was little, was yellow and green so maybe that influenced me and made bright colours appeal to me.
  5. What other colours do you like?
    I also like greens and blues, colours of nature and colours you might see outside in the countryside or at the beach. I am not so keen on dark colours like grey or navy, they are more depressing.

Set 3

  1. Do you like to change the colour of your hair? Why or why not?
    Personally, I prefer the natural look but I have dyed my hair in the past. I had blonde highlights put in once but it looked a bit trashy on me. Since then, I haven’t coloured my hair.

Set 3 Vocabulary

  • trashy – cheap or poor quality

Set 4

  1. Do you have a favourite colour? If so, why that colour?
    I like red very much. In China, red is a lucky colour, and when I was young, I had a lot of red toys and red decorations around the room. I think that it grew on me over time.
  2. If you owned a flat or a house, what colour would you use for your bedroom?
    I would probably use a cream colour. I like my walls to be clear, as it helps brighten up the room and make it look more spacious. It is also easier to decorate due to it neutral tone.

Set 4 Vocabulary

  • grew on me – i like it because of being used to it

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