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The twenty-first century has already brought great changes to the world. What other developments to you expect to happen over this century.

To list all likely developments for the current century demands bold futuristic outlook. Based on the fact that technology had leapt unprecedented steps over the last hundred years, I anticipate it will continue to benefit mankind in diverse areas, among which I would like to discuss space exploration and the dotcom economy.

Every time when a country forays into the outer space such as landing on planet Mars, or simply blasting-off an orbiter will attract media attention. Recently, a Chinese space capsule carrying three astronauts conducted science lessons to the next generation across the country while on mission. These lessons might be more memorable and could ignite passion in millions of the youth into space research as future career. Projects for instance, Virgin Galactic has been launched for years, mass emigration to a second earth might be a dream out of reach but a tour to experience the night sky excitement could well be realized as it will be no longer a privilege.

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With the advent of the internet boom, businesses around the world witnessed the virtual economy grew and supplanting their counterparts existing only in the real world. The prolific shops thriving online are needless to name but the fields could break the grounds even further are in the health and education. Advancement in software design will make computer–stipulated doctors accessible at the unexpected moment; the same innovator could also make highly dynamic scientific experiments done in cyberspace to catch the eyes of deaf children sitting at home.

To conclude, as human incremental knowledge expands, along with progress in spaceflight technology, trips to the universe could be enjoyable and much more common; the online society however, will bring us more rewards to benefit our lives.

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