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One of the Benchmark Education subscribers from India has shared the following writing and speaking topics that she remembered:


Writing Test


Writing Topic

Letter to a gynecologist. A 52-year-old lady complaining of perimenstrual symptoms.

Her medical history included deep vein thrombosis for 10 years and Warfarin.

She is busy in her job and has to travel a lot. So she has fear of HRT.


OET Writing Correction


Speaking Test


Role Play Card 1

Visit by the patient’s daughter as she was concerned about her mother’s Alzheimer’s disease


Role Play Card 2

Advising a patient with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes mellitus.


  • what is the disease
  • what causes it
  • treatment options including insulin


Role Play Card 3 (from another subscriber)

A mother came with the baby who has caught viral origin of blisters. The mother was suspicious of having chickenpox as many other nursery kids caught it.


  • difference between both
  • treatment options available


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