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Venue: Adelaide, South Australia
Date: March 16, 2018

Nursing letter in March, 2018 OET exam wasn’t very difficult. It’s just that there haven’t been too many instances in recent past where the candidate was a school nurse writing to the patient’s GP. The scenario focused more on psychological issues in addition to having some health concerns.

Below are some of the case notes reproduced from our students’ memory. These may not be complete but fully capture the essence of what OET Writing section was about on 16th March exam in Adelaide, Australia.

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You are a school nurse at Hansgrove Public School.

Name: Rachel Oakley
Age: 15 years

Family History
• Mother takes antidepressants
• Lives with father and his girlfriend
• Mother and father divorced recently, feels guilty about it
• Bullied at school 6 years ago
• smokes – 0-4/day

OET Writing

Medical History:
• Insomnia until 2-3am most nights -> hard to wake up in morning
• Increased appetite -> eats fast food
• Low mood most days
• Hay fever since age 6
• Takes cyproheptadine 40mgX2/day
• Withdrawal from peer groups
• Lost interest -> left swimming group 6 months ago
• Academic performance below average

Nursing notes
• 2/3/19 – Headache -> Panadol given
• 5/3/19 – Headache, nausea, Panadol given
• 8/3/19 – Vomiting, hay fever -> rest for 30 mins, Panadol given
• 12/3/19 – Headache, fever, Panadol given, father picked up, sent hom
• 16/3/19 (2:30pm) – Headache, dizziness, anxiety about family situation and exams, thinks of dying (sometimes), no plan to harm herself or others.
• Consent taken for GP referral.

Write a Referral letter to her GP

In your answer:
• Expand on the relevant case notes into complete sentences.
Do not use note form.
• Use letter format

The body of the letter should be approximately 180-200 words.

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