Nursing Case Notes for OET Exam in October
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Venue: Adelaide, South Australia

Date: October 6, 2018


OET Writing Topic, this time was a bit different as the nursing test takers had to write a letter on behalf of the patient’s daughter. Also, in addition to medical issues, the patient had certain concerns regarding the treatment and from whom to receive it. Overall, if you read the case notes carefully principles of a referral letter could be easily applied to this letter as well.

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Below are some of the case notes reproduced from our students’ memory. These may not be complete but fully capture the essence of what OET Writing section was about on 6th October exam in Adelaide, Australia.

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Mrs Woot is the mother of your patient (Ms Y). Ms Y wants you to write a letter to a doctor as she is worried that her mother might have breast cancer.

Name: Mrs (First Name Missing) Woot

Age: 59 years old

Status: Widow (lives alone)

Children: 2 daughters

Medical History

  • Menopause
  • No family history of breast cancer
  • Moderate hypertension


  • mixture natural medicine practitioner (xx,yy ingredients)


Ms Y brought her mother to your health centre. Pt has lump for 6 months

Assessment (after long discussion)

  • lump in right breast (increasing in size); started medication for lump 3 months ago
  • diameter 5cm
  • not painful
  • hard
  • fixed
  • bloody discharge from nipple
  • Physically fit and active
  • Rr 16; BP: 140/90
  • axillary no node palpable

Concerns of the patient

  • unidentified lesion in right breast
  • refused to see doctor
  • does not want mammogram as she is afraid of machine
  • worried about radiotherapy and chemotherapy


  • Agreed to see GP
  • Only wanted to see female doctor
  • To advise pt: doctor pharmaceutical/non-pharmaceutical treatment options
  • Advised pt: decisions to emphasis on accepting treatment in her opinion. without doctor’s coarse
  • Pt agrees to review her BP in 3 months
  • Pt’s welfare: tried to build trust & show empathy

Write a referral letter to a Dr XXX (female name) regarding the patient’s breast lump assessment and management while emphasising empathy to the patient’s concerns.

In your answer:

  • Expand on the relevant case notes into complete sentences.
    Do not use note form.
  • Use letter format

The body of the letter should be approximately 180-200 words. 

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