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Advantages of OET Listening test in the healthcare domain

If you are looking to work in the health care sector of countries like Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, it is vital to appear for OET listening test. After successfully clearing the examination, the prospects of the job or getting PR become brighter. In each test, the candidates are required to listen to the recorded speech for a session of about 45 minutes. Between each question of OET, the person gets sufficient time to write the answers in the paper. One of the most important objectives of OET is to evaluate the listening, comprehension and the writing skills of the candidates.

Listening test is divided consists of two parts – A and B.

  • Part A of listening session helps the candidates to understand the facts carefully while the conversation takes place between the patient and the healthcare professional.
  • Part B ascertains your skills to grasp a short health related conversation or a lecture by a person from the related field. The candidate would require completing certain tasks based on the information thus collected.

OET Writing

During OET test, you are expected to listen attentively and write important information enclosed under sub headings. Different types of OET tasks are included in the sub tests to assess the listening capabilities of the candidates. These include both the short answer type and the multiple choice questions. In addition, listening activity also incorporates exercises to complete sentences and circle the appropriate boxes.


The listening test sample uses the modern health care scenarios to simulate the real life conditions before the candidates. OET sessions provide one of the best training experiences so that people are ready for the actual qualifying test.

Once you get the OET certification, you become eligible to apply for the healthcare and the allied jobs in an easy and hassle free manner. Abvoe all, those aspiring to get PR in Australia, find OET more convenient as compred to other English tests.

The preparation portal of OET and the regular practicing of the sample do a whirl of good to the users. OET candidates are conversant with the language and understand the problems of the patients in detail after the completion of the listening session.

Boosting language proficiency

Taking OET test is essential for the candidates to boost their language proficiency. Working on the sample goes a long way in achieving success in the health care sector.

Limited understanding of language or lack of Listening skills can create problems in providing world class health care to the patients. Effective communication training in OET sessions plays an important role in completing the task according to the requirements and specifications of the clients. As the most important aspect of listening test, it duplicates the settings of the work place. For instance, people in OET test learn how patients pronounce the name of the diseases in order to enhance the degree of comprehension. Medical vocabulary makes the listening content more familiar to the budding nurse.

OET is instrumental in enhancing effective communication between the patient and the health care professional. The latter after successfully passing Listening test should be able to explain technical terminologies to the former in simple language. OET certified nurses are not only skilled in medical knowledge but also well versed with the local language.

The sample is designed with the help of the prominent English language experts in collaboration with top class medical professionals. Listening activities culminate into question answer sessions, and then subjected to statistical analysis for reliability and validity. OET is instrumental in accentuating the capability of the health care professionals.

Robust checking

OET is one of the most important tests to deliver exemplary services in more than 40 countries. Extremely secured facilities operated by highly trained staff conducts the listening examination hence eliminating any scope for error.

The OET test also offers results verification service to the medical organizations to check the verification of the qualification statement. In fact, the certificates of Listening activity can be verified with the help of the online website. Hence, the results of the Sample paper are fool proof as they are validated in an instant from OET portal.

Boon for the employees

People whose second language is English can immensely benefit from the OET test sessions. International nurses become acquainted with the problems of the patient, as they are able to comprehend the language in detail after attending the OET examination. If you pass the listening session with excellence, it will go a long way in enhancing the professional skills. Moreover, people may get motivated and feel confident to deal with the problems of the patients, once they are habitual of listening to the real dialogues provided during OET training.

Understanding presentation through short talk

Comprehending short talk during listening is essential for any health care professionals to provide services to the clients. In Part B of the OET listening test, the candidates have to listen to recorded lecture by the health care professionals. After completion of the audio session, they have to answer several open and close ended questions in OET category. Regular practice with the listening activity can help you to hone the comprehension skills.

Usage of real world voices

Sample audio file comprises the interaction of the real patients with the health care professionals. The body conducting the test makes sure that the rate and clarity of speech is good enough for all the candidates. The sample is quite authentic and does not rely on the rehearsed conversation.

Sufficient time

OET offers 2 minutes at the end of the sub test A and B to check the answers in detail. It is an important step to verify the answers in order to improve the score. Candidates get only one chance during the Listening session to write the answers in detail. OET test is designed in a special way to check the comprehension skills and the concentration level of candidates.

Ideal for nurses

Nurses have to work in a fast paced environment, as they need to take immediate decisions under pressure. OET is a wonderful option for them because it plays a real life sample in the form of audio file. Nurses get an excellent opportunity during OET test to enhance their skills before they are introduced to the modern western health care sector. Listening session also plays an important role in comprehending the cultural shifts along with bridging the cultural difference. One of the most important aspects of the health care in the developed market is that the patients tend to ask more questions; therefore, nurses need to be ready to answer the queries. OET is the only way to go for majority of the candidates to make a name in the medical professional.

Familiarity to vocabulary

The positive outcome of the OET exercise is the familiarity to the vocabulary. Numerous medical terms are used in the conversation designed for listening activity. Although several other tests are required for graduate and post graduate studies in countries like the UK and Australia, OET gears you up for the paramedical profession. Therefore, it is important to prepare well in advance for the listening tests to pass the exam with flying colors.

OET prepares you for the faceoff

Communicating face to face with the person is often the order of the day in medical profession. Instead of using complex words, listening activity focuses on comprehension of the simple words used in daily language. A daily conversation between the patient and nurse is included and the candidates have to quickly think on their feet. Due to difficult level, clearing OET is akin to baptism by fire; however, successful completion of sample can boost your self-esteem in the professional arena.

Important tips for good score

While attempting Listening test part A, make sure to write as much information as possible. One should pay attention to the conversation and try not to miss the fine points. Regular listening can lead to sharpening of the comprehension skills. It is only possible during intensive OET preparation.

Instead of writing word by word in OET session, the candidates should note down important points. Audio books go a long way in improving the score as the numerous conversations are bundled together as listening exercises for the users. They can use them as training manuals during the OET preparation.

Walk down to Benchmark Education Solutions

If you are looking to gain foothold in the diverse health care market of developed countries, it is time to undertake OET training at Benchmark Education. The institute, an authentic OET training center keeps students well informed of the latest OET test trends and  how to crack this exam. Continuous practice of the listening session ensures that the candidates are ready to have a crack at the prestigious OET certification. Authentic Sample is the key to preparation and benchmark Edu is cut above the rest in sourcing original content because audio files available for listening are not role plays. They do a world of good for nurses because of the languages and dialect included in the normal conversation. In fact, listening to real world interactions transports them virtually into a similar environment.

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